Pay Pal

No matter where you shop, Pay Pal never share your credit card information. Plus, your eligible items are protected under our Buyer Protection plan. So shop with peace of mind. You can pay for purchases from around the world in just a few clicks or taps. Pay Pal accept more than 25 currencies from 202 countries. Securely store all your credit cards in your PayPal account. Then choose how to pay at checkout. When you use your credit cards through PayPal, you keep earning card reward points.

  • Great security and personal data protection
  • Quick payment method
  • Wide range of currencies

Credit / Debit card

You will be forwarded processing bank, that ask you to enter the information about your card: card number, date of its expiration, and CVV2/CVC2 – the last three digit on the signature strip of the card. This information is entered directly on the pay site of the processing bank that ensures secured encrypted transfer of data – we are just told the result of authorization which prompts us to process the order. This prevents the possibility that your card would be misused by the subject from which you are buying the goods, and the unprotected data free transfer on public computer network. You are informed about the result of the transaction by e-mail.

  • You enter your card details directly to the bank
  • Data transfer is done via the HTTPS secured protocol which encrypts the information
  • None of our employees has access to your card details
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