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Combining premium materials, such as leather, metal and wood, this product brings the ultimate revolution in riding crops. It gives you absolute freedom while travelling anywhere you imagine. Broken down to component parts, it can be conveniently carried in the included travel bag. With our specially designed threads all parts are easily reassembled, providing for fast and easy operation. The adjustable length allows for a perfect measure suitable to your immediate desire, and you can select between a wooden or metal grip for additional customization. All these variations are now possible with our singular product. All components are handmade in the European Union (EU) from select natural materials, resulting in unparalleled quality and durability.

Precision in craft

Precise manufacturing with all parts produced / manufactured in EU. Revolutionary shape and very light structure (crop weight only: 76 g), coupled with a luxury design. Collapsable body allowing for easy travelling, with unique design. Premium high class materials such as metal, genuine leather and natural wood. Hand made luxury designed gift box, which makes it ideal as a perfect gift.

Unique as you are

Unique design has been developed in order to match your unique personality. It brings you an ultimate freedom while traveling and thanks to dismountable design provides privacy for every single user.


Detailed information

Hand made, travel & fully collapsable luxurious riding crop for erotic and fetish plays while travelling, wrapped in fancy wooden gift box. All parts made in EU. Very light structure (only 76 g).

Leather head

Head - High quality genuine leather (oxhide); with an embossed logo

Metal body

Metal Body – Light alloy (dural); guaranteing light weight without compromising on durability and strength

Metal & wooden grip

Metal grip - Light alloy (dural); for a tight and precise grip. Wooden grip – Natural beech wood, stained and lacquered handle for dominant comfort


Case – Natural wood, coated in black with laser-cut logo

Travel bag

Travel bag – Natural white cotton

Hanging tie

Hanging tie – High quality genuine leather (oxhide)

Case filling

Case Filling – Molded protective foam material

Service & Warranty

2-year warranty

We appreciate your trust when buying this unique product. In return we provide you with extended 2-year warranty. Since we are aware of high quality materials we use and precise & durable manufacturing.

happy customer

User reviews

Great in every detail

I love this product not just for its great manufacturing, but also for its unique design, which allows me to use it while traveling worldwide with my girlfriend. Because of its dismountable design it can be carried in privacy, anywhere we travel.


Munich, Germany

Very well crafted product

Simply these guys from Naughty angel team think over everything into the detail, but functional detail, which makes you wondering. I am great supporter of kinky products, so this item could not miss to have, since I travel a lot across the globe.  Really can stronly reccommend from my personal experience.


Paris, France

Better than expected

Even better than it looks on the pictures. Very flexible to handle and I very appreciate the hand made manufacturing, which makes this product very original in every detail. The perfect advantage of this item is optional combination of each items (longer /shorter crop, 2 handles etc.)


Los Angeles, USA

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